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The Brazilian Groundwater Association – Núcleo Minas Gerais, ABAS-MG, in partnership with the International Network for Acid Prevention – INAP, the South American Network for Acid Prevention – SANAP, and with the support of Federal University of Minas Gerais – UFMG, Brazilian Mining Association – IBRAM and Agency for the Technological Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry – ADIMB, will be holding in November  24-25, 2021, the 1st Latin American Acid Mine Drainage Congress (1st CLADAM).

ABAS-MG is committed to carrying out a management focused on increasing the capillarity of the entity, through the promotion of events and training, not only by promoting the technical and scientific development of professionals working in the area, but also raising the level of technical discussions related to the management of contaminated areas and the management of ground water resources in Brazil.

This event, of international magnitude, will feature top professionals from different countries (USA, Canada, Chile, Peru, among others) who work in this technical area. We will have the participation of RPM – Kinross Brasil, a company awarded in 2018 as one of the best mines in the world for good practices in DAM management.

The congress, which will be held every two years, will certainly be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences on how we deal with this phenomenon in Brazil and Latin America; as well as how this phenomenon is treated in countries where mining is an significant activity of the economy.

For this upcoming event, ABAS-MG, has the support of SANAP, which represents a group of researchers and consultants from South America; as well as INAP, an entity that represents large mining companies with global operations, which deal with this geochemical phenomenon on a daily basis and represent the greatest potential for contamination of the aquifer, where sulfide ore mining occurs.

Therefore, we, directors of ABAS-MG, are very excited about the possibilities to start from this and other initiatives that have been developed since January 2019, a process to foster the sector of ground water resources management in the country, based on best practices and increasing the technical level of discussions necessary to address the most relevant environmental issues.

Hence, we convene all companies, teaching and research entities to support, send Technical Works and sign up for training and excursions to be held right after the 1st CLADAM. This Event will represent a milestone in the management of the AMD phenomenon in Latin America and especially in Brazil.


In 2005, the 1st Acid Drainage Workshop was held in Belo Horizonte-MG with the objective of promoting technical knowledge about this geochemical phenomenon. At that time, mining was going through a period of great enthusiasm with good economic prospects and industry growth. At the same time that environmental management legislation in Brazil had not yet been issued country wide and there is not yet a unifying document of best practices related to the management of areas impacted by Acid Mine Drainage (DAM).

Today, the scenario is very different from that described above, mining is going through a difficult time, both from the economic point of view and new challenges in the environmental area. There is already a specific legislation for the management of environmental liabilities (CONAMA 420/2009) and an International Guide for Acidic Rock Drainage Management – GARD GUIDE (INAP, 2009) was created on that date.

Brazil has cases of Acid Mine Drainage in all states of significant mineral production (Minas Gerais, Pará, Bahia, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Amapá, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina), so this theme is of national interest.

In addition, all Latin American countries with significant mining activity (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina) also have to deal with the issue of Acid Mine Drainage. Thus, the holding of the 1st Latin American Acid Mine Drainage Congress (1st CLADAM) becomes a mandatory demand of the Latin American academic and technical community.


Promote discussion and present the state of the art in the area of ​​Acid Mine Drainage and the technologies associated with this geochemical phenomenon.

Organizing Committee

President of Organizing Committee
Flávio de Morais Vasconcelos (President ABAS-MG/HIDROGEO)

Adelbani Braz da Silva (Brazpoços)
Carlos Alberto de Freitas (ABAS-MG)
Mauricio Bertachini (MDGEO Hidrogeologia e Meio Ambiente)
Danilo Carvalho de Almeida (Water Services and Technologies)
Marcílio Tavarez Nicolau (Acquasolo Empreendimentos Técnicos)
Paulo Galvão (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG)
Rafael Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (Water Services and Technologies)