Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) is one of the most serious and potentially lasting environmental problems for the mining industry. Failing to be diagnosed, in the early stages of mine cycle, it can result in long-term impacts on the quality of surface and groundwater, which may well be the most damaging legacy in this sector. Dealing effectively with acid mine drainage is a major technical challenge, as historically it has been felt and reported by many mining companies.

The International Acid Prevention Network (INAP) is a group led by the mining sector that brings together several companies from this sector and it was created to help mining companies to succeed in this challenge. INAP exists to suppress a need for an international organization that provides information and experience in acid mine drainage (AMD). The network was found in 1998. Since then, INAP has become a proactive global leader in this field.

In 2009, INAP published the GARD Guide, a best practice guide for AMD avenven and mitigation. Since its inception, the GARD Guide is fast becoming recognized as the leading global guide on this topic. The GARD Guide is free for all users and can be found on the Internet at: